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Digital and Offset Printing

Offset: Bring your ideas to life!  Have your designs look flawless with crisp and precise colour matching with the use of Pantones. An affordable method to print higher volumes for commercial printing. Enhance the level of print quality using the broad variety of paper stock options and Pantone (PMS) Colours. Offset will leave a lasting impression.


Digital: Short-run and lightning-quick turnaround. Our state-of-the-art equipment has created many more opportunities.  You now have the flexibility of digital printing which allows you to print the quantity you need.


Choose between three different types of coating: Aqueous, Ultra-Violet and Varnish.

Aqueous Coating:
AQ is most popular, a clear fast-drying water-based coasting which is used to protect printed pieces. Provides Gloss or matte surfaces which deters dirt and fingerprints. Improves the durability of postcards and other printed pieces that go through the mail. Due to its water-based aqueous coating, this makes it more environmentally friendly than varnish or UV coatings.

Ultra-Violet Coating:
UV coatings are cured by the exposure of UV light to quickly dry and harden the coating. UV Coatings provide the highest gloss finish versus other coatings. Some find it too shiny for some uses, but it really makes photography jump off the page.


Varnish comes Gloss, Matte or Satin as a flood coat or spot. You can add a creative dimension to your print project if you want certain words, graphics or images to pop off the page by using a Spot Varnish to highlight those areas.

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