About Us

Print Factory Ink is a leading provider of print, print procurement solutions and promotional products to corporate clients all across Canada.

From high-level to highly detailed, Print Factory Ink provides you with all the help you need for effective, efficient procurement and project management.

At Print Factory Ink we streamline the print procurement process for our clients by eliminating inefficiencies within the traditional print supply chain and expediting production. However, technology alone cannot manage all the variables associated with procuring printing for our larger enterprise clients, which often involves extensive collaboration among numerous parties. Effective management of the procurement process requires that dedicated and experienced personnel work closely with both clients and print suppliers. Print Factory Ink's account executives and procurement managers perform that critical function.

Our client value proposition:

What we offer!

Your online discount full color printing company where you can order directly from our printing facility for all your printing materials without the middle man.

We serve through out Canada, specially in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto , Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Dundas etc.
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Hamilton Location

9 Sterling St.
Hamilton, ON L8S 4H6

Tel: 905.546.0410
TF: 1.866.637.3131
Fax: 905.546.0411
TF Fax: 1.866.395.3696
e-mail: info@printfactoryink.com

Burlington Location

4161 Morris Drive, Unit #2
Burlington, ON L7L 5L5

Tel: 905.592.3132
TF: 1.866.637.3131
Fax: 905.592.0264
TF Fax: 1.866.395.3696
e-mail: info@printfactoryink.com